Cookbook Collecting Crossword;

Next to cookbooks, I love puzzle games, scrabble, crosswords, etc. This is a fun crossword puzzle I made with EclipseCrossword. I had a great time making it. I had so many books and ideas to choose from, the list could be endless.

Scroll to the bottom of the post for the answers. Have fun solving!

Across (Scroll Down Blog for Answers)

1. Julia Child's famous TV cooking show (3 words)
5. Ina Garten Cookbook Series (2 words)
10. America's most famous German restaurant (1 word)
11. Moosewood Cookbook author Mollie ____ (1 word)
12. Famous French pastry chef Nick ____ (1 word)

Down (Scroll Down Blog for Answers)

2. Former executive chef of Commander's Palace restaurant, New Orleans (2 words)
3. Austrian Celebrity Chef (2 words)
4. Actor Dom Deluise look-alike chef (2 words)
5. I Hate to Cook Book author Peg _____ (1 word)
6. Rose Levy Beranbaum wrote this "Bible" (2 words)
7. General Mills persona; "make-believe" cookbook author (2 words)
8. Neiman Marcus restaurants are famous for this baked food item (1 word)
9. The Naked Chef (2 words)

Answers 1) The French Chef, 2) Emeril Lagasse, 3) Wolfgang Puck, 4) Paul Prudhomme, 5) Bracken, 6) Cake Bible, 7) Betty Crocker, 8) Popovers, 9) Jamie Oliver, 10) Luchows, 11) Katzen, 12) Malgieri