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Pierre Franey cookbooks are fairly mainstream in the world of used cookbooks. His books are sold mass-market as Franey was a popular French chef and known through his writings for the New York Times. I usually see a Pierre Franey book at least 2 of my 5 or 6 cookbook hunting days in the month. I have also come across several signed Franey cookbooks. The unsigned cookbooks are not heavily sought after—likely given that Franey's name doesn't come up on any of the cooking channels or talk shows and he has gone somewhat out of fashion—although he was one of the top French chefs of our time in the US.

In the past, a signed Franey book would have been valued higher. Today, Franey's books hardly sell in the used market, although a signed book will always sell to an avid collector. I've seen some listings for his signed books for over $150. That is definately out of range--try one-tenth of that price.

About Pierre Franey

Pierre Franey was born in Northern Burgandy in 1921. He wrote a well-known column for the New York Times called the 60-Minute Gourmet. Franey was the head chef at Le Pavillion, a New York City restaurant that pretty much defined French food in the US in the mid-40's. Franey was also VP of Howard Johnsons. He died in 1996 not long after giving a cooking demonstration aboard the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2). A signed Pierre Franey cookbook usually sells second hand for the value of a new Pierre Franey cookbook (see signed photo and values at bottom of post).

Pierre Franey Cooking in America Cookbook

Cookbooks by Pierre Franey

* Pierre Franey Cooks with His Friends
* Cooking with the 60-Minute Gourmet
* Cuisine Rapide * Seafood Cookbook
* Pierre Franey's Cooking in America
* Pierre Franey's Cooking in France
* Pierre Franey's Kitchen
* More 60-Minute Gourmet
* Pierre Franey's Low Calorie Gourmet
* The Master Cooking Course: A Step-By-Step Illustrated Guide to the Preparation and Techniques of Four Gourmet Meals
* Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Signature

Average Price Used = $3 - $5
Average Price Used and Signed = $15

Signature Sample Pierre Franey Cooking in America

Chef Pierre Franey Signature