Signed cookbooks are one of the top collectibles when it comes to cookbook collecting. Popular chefs such as Paula Deen, Julia Child or Rachael Ray can sell at two to three times the price they might sell if unsigned. A collectible classic like Mastering French Cooking, signed by Julia Child can fetch up to $200 online.

Some cookbooks with signatures can be difficult to read or hard to match--many are initials only--some are hard to match as no other signed copies may be available.

This post will link to the chefs and cookbook writers and their signature samples from some of the signed cookbooks I've had in my former collection. I will be posting the signatures up with information on each of the chefs or writers and will add more to the post over time as I get new ones.

See what signed cookbooks I have available at

Susan Branch

Todd English

Pierre Franey

Hubert Keller

Emeril Lagasse

Bob Longhi

Mark Miller

Jacques Pépin

Paul Prudhomme

Joachim Splichal

Rick Tramonto

Justin Wilson

Martin Yan