Introduction to Cookbook Collecting and Reviews blog for cookbook collectors, those who want to get started with collecting cookbooks or for enthusiasts. How did I get started? My wife collected cookbooks for many years. I have literally been in an out of used book stores, antique stores, flear markets, garage sales, estate sales, etc. all across California. Originally it was just my wife who had this great love of cookbooks. She hardly even cooks--but those cookbooks are her treasures.

Anyway...I got hooked too. Mostly I love the thrill of collecting, coming across that hard-to-find cookbook that makes your heart pound.

So, at a certain point, my wife's collecting became out of control--she would literally sweep a store shelf clear in minutes. The bookstore owners started saving books in her name and waiting for her to come by for her weekly visit. Our shelves piled up to where I had to install a room full of sturdy bookcases to accommodate her collection. Boxes were piled around the room and loose cookbooks--even some duplicates--were on the floor and desks. She had no inventory system so I started to put them in order by alphabet--some letters taking up several shelves alone. Then, a few months before my business started, after our office reached capacity and the garage was full as well, my wife announced that I should start selling her collection online. I had been eager to start an online store and the cookbooks were the perfect way to start. And my wife is happy as she can still collect vicariously by hunting for great finds for the store. So began Cookbook Village, an eBay store for used cookbooks.

I've started this blog to share our knowledge of cookbook collecting. I will be covering a variety of cookbooks, rating collectibility, values, and more. My wife and I know some fellow collectors and hope to share their stories and knowledge of collecting as well.