Russian Cook Book

Community cookbooks from the Junior League or your local club, church, temple, fraternal organization, or non-profit have evolved to be more than just a means to raise funds. These cookbooks are snapshot of the times and a way for community members to share and document their treasured memories and recipes.

Frequently published in a spiral softcover format in the past, many of today's community cookbooks are near works of art, surpassing in quality books from some of the world's top chefs. Just look at the Junior League of Louisville's Splendor in the Bluegrass cookbook or the stunning Come on In cookbook from the Junior League of Jackson Mississippi. 

Cookbook Village carries a broad collection of community cookbooks. We thought it fitting that our article be dedicated to this wonderful genre.

Trending Community and Junior League Cookbooks

Community cookbooks reviewed by major culinary publications can shape demand with collectors and cookbook fans. We have a long waiting list for Encore! Nashville Junior League cookbook thanks to a Southern Living Community Cookbook of the Month review.

Anything from the Southern States is always in high demand in the Cookbook Village store. We assume it's that amazing Southern cuisine. Peachtree Bouquet and Charleston Receipts are hard to keep in stock for long. Our second copy of 200 Years of Charleston Cooking lasted just days on our shelf. Newly stocked in our webstore from the South are the Atlanta Cooknotes cookbook from the Junior League of Atlanta, the St. Joseph’s Foundation in Savannah’s From Black Tie to Blackeyed Peas Cookbook: Savannah’s Savory Secrets, the vintage cookbook Fascinating Foods from the Deep South from the University Club of Tuscaloosa Alabama, and a beautiful Settings on the Dock of the Bay Cookbook from the Assistance League Bay Area, Texas.

International church and community cookbooks remain a strong trend with collectors. Greek, Italian, German, and Scandinavian cuisines, among other international favorites, compiled by a church international organization or club are in high demand. We just re-stocked this wonderful Swedish Recipes Old and New published by the American Daughters of Chicago cookbook. It is packed with amazing recipe after amazing recipe. Back in stock is a popular hard-to-find vintage 1943 war-time edition of the Russian Cook Book For American Homes from Russian War Relief group. The Polish National American Church Cookbook is a scarce find with mainly Polish recipe favorites from the church located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Jewish temple cookbooks have an avid following among many collectors of this genre of community cookbook. We just got in a big collection from a family friend that was downsizing and are still trying to get all the books posted (thank you Shelia E.). The key here is to not just look for Jewish cookbooks, but to look for those from Jewish temples. We love some of the memorable cover art of these books ... and the recipes are among the best of the best in our eyes. Maarev Temple of Encino, California published one of our favorite covers to date with its Shabbas the Rabbi Ate Cholent cookbook. You Want Maybe A Cookie? cookbook by the Temple Solael Sisterhood in West Hills, California is another cover so reflective of the artwork on many of the Jewish temple cookbooks. It's no wonder collectors love these! Of course, not all Jewish temple cookbooks have humorous or cartoon-style covers. Shaarey Zedek Michigan's From Generation to Generation and Temple Beth Torah of Alhambra, Calfornia's Love is the Main Ingredient cookbook's theme their covers around love and family traditions, as do many other temple recipe books.

Amish cookbooks are a sure bet for collectors as even in an economic downturn, they remain popular. The recipes in these books are simply delicious. We aren't surprised these books almost fly off our shelves. Amish Country Cooking Cookbook from West Kootenai, Rexford, Montana shares favorite recipes from the region's Amish community. Das Dutchman Essenhaus Restaurant’s Amish Country Cookbook is an ever popular regional cookbook from one of the top Amish restaurants in the United States.