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Cookbook Village has been working behind the scenes the past several months to redesign our website. Our original site, that many of you knew and loved, was built in late 2010. We have long wanted to update it ... and now it's live!

We are excited to bring you several new features to make your collectible cookbook shopping an even better experience than before. We hope you will take a look at the new store now!

Our web address remains the same, as do our detailed descriptions and photographs. Our trusted platform and partner Shopify is still ensuring we are up and running and powering the site and checkout, as they did in the past. We have tried to make the transition as comfortable as possible for those of you who regularly shop in our store.

Cookbook Village Collections

Read on further below to see the great new features!

  • New, yet familiar, look-and-feel
  • More sort options - price, alphabet, date, and best selling
  • Restyled menus and navigation (works great on your mobile phone, too!)
  • Additional category viewing - gallery or vertical list options
  • Drawer style cart - keeps your place in the site until you are ready to view your cart
    Note: If you have any issues with your checkout/order or need help with the process, please be sure to contact us.
  • Restyled blog and news articles
  • Featured cookbooks (some of our favorite selections)
  • New social media styling - connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

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