Cookbook Village is giving away a Cooking Clips book stuffed full with recipe clippings we found inside the pages of the used and vintage cookbooks we list at our store. We've been storing these for awhile and decided now's the time to let someone enjoy these lost treasures. There are many dessert recipes and casserole or one-dish clips as well as some other nice finds.

The winner will be selected from a random drawing and notified by email. We will notify the winner on June 9, 2013 and request a shipping address for shipment of the clip book. The drawing ends June 7, 2013. There is no charge or action required to enter or to receive the prize other than the below form.

Drawing is only open to United States residents. You must have a valid U.S. shipping address to be eligible for the drawing. One entry per person.

This contest has ended. Congrats to Denise F., our contest winner! Look out for more Cookbook Village contests. Thank you for your interest.