Arizona Republic Article with Cookbook Village

Longtime collectibles and antique columnist Larry Cox contributes a special collectibles column for the Arizona Republic website His column answers readers' questions about antiques and collectibles.

This morning we opened the Cookbook Village inbox to find some very interesting requests for searches and information for some unique vintage cookbooks. Each email to us mentioned "today's Larry Cox column in the Arizona Republic website." Sure enough, we visited the site and were pleased to see that Cookbook Village was mentioned in a section of the article on whether or not vintage cookbooks have monetary value. Cox noted some price ranges that were definitely in line with many secondhand cookbooks and went on to note Cookbook Village as a good resource for learning about current values.

We want to thank Larry and the Arizona Republic for the nice mention of our online store! We are happy to see some media coverage on vintage and collectible cookbooks -- a hobby that's near and dear to us ... and to many Cookbook Village customers.

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