Cookbooks and Pinterest

Cookbook fans that haven't used Pinterest yet are missing out on something great. Cookbook Village joined a few months back and are loving this social network. Facebook is fun for sharing recipe, food and cookbook posts and catching up with old friends. Twitter is catchy and for many, addicting. But ... Pinterest has stolen our hearts. Each Pinner has their own interpretation of what the site is and does. We liken it to an online community scrapbooking site where members can pin images and videos from things they see online or from their own photo archives.

Foodies, cooks and creative people will enjoy sharing and viewing ideas for their kitchen, recipes, seeing recommendations in pin comments (pins are the images and videos you post) and of course, spotting those beloved cookbooks from your childhood or memorable event. Since joining we have received several comments about the memories brought back to some of our followers through our vintage cookbook pins. 

Cookbook Village has 18 boards (the collections of pins) and 188 pins at the time of writing this article, and our addiction is growing. We are generating a visual archive of cookbooks in a variety of themes from TV Show Cookbooks to Cookbooks That Inspire Travel and Signed Cookbooks (with signature samples from Top Chefs and cookbook authors). We also have some Boards on Favorite Restaurants in a variety of cities, plus some of our favorite kitchen gadgets like our coveted Nespresso machine.

We felt compelled to write about this great site and to formally ask our online store customers and readers to Follow Cookbook Village on Pinterest. It doesn't cost anything to use it. It's easy. And, it's therapeutic, too! Here's a snapshot of our Vintage Cookbooks Board on Pinterest. We couldn't capture it all in one image, but you get the idea. Make sure to follow us or your favorite boards on our page.