Small Business Interview with Cookbook Village. Trust Us. It's Good.

Cookbook Village was interviewed by online trust seal business KikScore as part of their small business interview series. We feel customer service is at the root of success with our business. Our used cookbooks online store takes the same hands-on approach with customers as a brick-and-mortar bookstore. 

We appreciate feedback from our customers and implemented the trust seal not only to communicate things like our KikReport with information on policies, management, security of payment processing, but also to offer customers a confidential way to communicate their feedback on us. The KikScore badge was only recently implemented so we hope to see our score grow as customers add additional feedback and our business grows. 

The KikScore badge has been a blessing. We have been long time sellers on eBay with over 2,100 positive feedbacks (100% positive). Unfortunately most of our Cookbook Village visitors are not familiar with us because we can't promote the store through eBay. This means we are essentially starting over as a business. The KikScore badge is a great way for us to begin earning trust with our new customers.  We have already seen a difference in sales since adding the badge and even received two customer feedbacks in the first 24 hours of launching it.

We recommend KikScore for ecommerce business. We use the Shopify platform which allowed us to easily connect the KikScore platform to our site. Shopify and other cart owners should definitely try KikScore out.

Read KikScore's interview with Cookbook Village here.