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A Resource for Cookbook Values

Cookbook Village's blog, Cookbook Collecting and Reviews, has long been a go-to resource for collectors researching values, investment outlooks and reviews of used and vintage cookbooks. Our collectibility reviews provide information relevant to a cookbook's value, its investment worthiness and its "collectibility." Past articles have range from books including Betty Crocker's "Red Pie" Cookbook to Marlboro's Cookbook, "Towns, Trails and Special Times."

Cookbook Collectibility Ratings to Help You Determine Cookbook Values

Our rating system is described in Cookbook Collectibility Ratings. The final scores do not necessarily indicate whether a book is interesting, beautiful or has great recipes. Instead, it attempts to project the future value and whether or not to hold on to something for investment purposes. Some people find it a good way to understand if they have a valuable collectible on their hands.

If you have a collection and are interested in understanding more about a particular book's value, take a look at our blog. We do also have a library of articles on author or chef signatures so you can compare yours against them. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish a hand signed page to a printed signature. We are continuing to grow the archive. There are also many signatures in our Flickr gallery.