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This vintage Watkins Cook Book from 1943 contains recipes from the J.R. Watkins Company. Their cookbook compiles recipes from a variety of contributors both in the US and abroad. Sweet Potato Croquettes, Fried Chicken, Maple Custard and Fig Ice Cream are some of the dishes you'll find inside the book's pages. 


Format: Hardcover (metal wire) spiral bound, 264 pages. Fourth edition 

Copyright: 1943 

Publisher: The J. R. Watkins Company 

Author: The J. R. Watkins Company 


Additional Details

Description: The Watkins New Cook Book of 200 pages issued in June 1936, proved an instantaneous success; the first printing of 175,000 copies was exhausted within three months. A second printing of 500,000 copies was distributed within eighteen months. Hundreds of letters from Home Economists, Domestic Science Teachers, Registered Nurses, Cooking Experts, and Homemakers were received, with unsolicited endorsements in praise of the Book. Being completely out of Cook Books, another printing was necessary and it was decided to print an enlarged book and hundreds of new recipes have been added to keep step with the advance in culinary science. 

From friends, from famous chefs, from extensive travels in this country and abroad, and from a host of helpful contributors, we have carefully selected and compiled the collection of recipes. You will find that they are economical, others more elaborate for entertaining; recipes that are tasty and satisfying, yet contain in proper proportions the elements necessary to the building of health. 

It is with this idea in mind that we have endeavored to put into the Watkins Revised New Cook Book, the recipes that will interest you and give your daily task a spice and zest, which will change monotony to a pleasant diversion and make cooking a delightful adventure. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are structurally in good condition. The opening blank page contains a full page recipe in ink handwriting. Interior pages are further clean. 

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